Welcome to Fun Dog Agility


Reward Based Agility Training

We hope you enjoy looking through the website, we hope it provides lots of information regarding agility and general training with your dog.  Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to join our club for agility in small group training sessions.

This year we are celebrating our 5th Birthday so have several exciting events planned. 

2015 sees us holding group training in our fabulous enclosed indoor school in Durley and holding ocassional workshops in halls, local parks and fields. See the classes page for more information on when and where you can train with us.

How We Train......

Fun Dog Agility utilises REWARD BASED AGILITY TRAINING. We know and understand the science behind learning. We use the science in the best way that we can for each individual dog. We use reward based training and will expect anyone who trains with us to do the same.
We Clicker Train and highly recommend it but the choice is yours. If you are not confident with a clicker you just need a short snappy word to pair with a reward.

A Word on Rewards....

We love using toys as rewards and will encourage you to teach your dog to play with a toy or two. Tug toys are great for rewarding close work, balls great for rewarding speed at a distance. Treats are good, though can be limiting if carried in your pocket. Toys with food pouches are great or simply food in a container your dog can run to but not open! It is important that behaviours we want repeated are rewarded - dogs need paying to learn just as we need paying to go to work.


Fun Dog Agility is a small club full of great people and dogs. Training in an enclosed indoor school in Durley all year round.